📋Full Transparency Dashboard

Hodlify Diamond prides itself on providing full transparency to its users, offering a comprehensive view of the proportion and value of each protocol, strategy, and chain it operates on. This level of transparency ensures that users have a clear understanding of how their assets are allocated and managed within Hodlify Diamond's ecosystem.

Asset Allocation

Hodlify Diamond discloses the asset allocation within its portfolio. The information provided reveals the proportion and value of assets allocated to specific protocols, chains, and strategies. For example, within the Arbitrum chain, utilizing the Stargate protocol, the USDC LP strategy holds $209.99, accounting for 90.9% of the allocation. Similarly, within the Polygon chain, using the Stargate protocol, the USDC LP strategy holds $21.02, representing 9.097% of the allocation.

Cross-chain Information

Hodlify Diamond recognizes the importance of cross-chain interoperability and leverages multiple chains to diversify its operations. By utilizing various chains, such as Arbitrum and Polygon, Hodlify Diamond expands its reach and access to liquidity pools and opportunities across different ecosystems.

Recent Deposit and Withdrawal Activity

Hodlify Diamond ensures transparency by sharing recent deposit and withdrawal activities. This information includes specific transaction details, such as the transaction hash (e.g., 0x0d7...6f11), the chain used (e.g., Polygon), the type of activity (e.g., Deposit), the amount deposited or withdrawn (e.g., +50 USDC), and the date of the activity (e.g., May 31, 2023). This level of transparency allows users to track and verify their own transactions and stay informed about recent account activities.

By providing this full transparency, Hodlify Diamond empowers its users to make informed decisions and gain insights into the allocation of their assets. This commitment to transparency builds trust and confidence in Hodlify Diamond's operations, enabling users to participate in the platform with clarity and security.

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